How Many Dildos does the Average Australian Woman Own?

From unique wildlife to amazing city vibes, there is no end to the wonders of the Down Under. But there's a new wonder taking the country by storm: the undeniable love for dildos. In a recent survey we conducted, the Australian public revealed just how much they're embracing the smorgasbord of sex toys available on the mucky market. We chatted with folks across the country to find out everything from how many sex toys they own to whether they share them with partners or friends.

So, let's jump into the outback of Australian sexuality and uncover the truth about Aussies and their insatiable appetite for dildos.

The Average Australian Woman Owns Three Dildos

It turns out that the average Sheila’s stash doesn’t just contain one dildo - she has an entire trio of pleasure devices to choose from. That may sound like a lot but it seems that Australian women like to keep their options open when it comes to bedroom adventures. 

Kelly, a 28-year-old respondent from Sydney, explains the need for multiple pleasure devices:

"You wouldn't wear the same pair of shoes every day, would you? It's the same with dildos – you need some variety!"

9% of Australian Women Own More than Ten Dildos

We all know that one friend who has a closet full of shoes, but what about the one with a treasure trove of dildos? Well, according to our survey, 9% of Aussie women have more than ten dildos at their disposal. That's a whole lot of silicone and stainless steel! But why stop at one or three when you can have a full-blown collection? 

Jessica, a Melbourne native who told us she has 15 dildos altogether, explains why keeping your options open is an absolute must:

"I like to think of myself as a dildo connoisseur. I have one for every mood so that I am always satisfied."

74% of Australian Women Own At Least One Dildo

One of the best results from our survey is the reassurance that we are not the only ones with a naughty secret in our bedside drawer. With a whopping 74% of female respondents fessing up to owning at least one dildo, almost three-quarters of Australian women are only partaking in dildo delights. As the popular saying goes (which we have literally just made up), "A dildo in every bedroom and a smile on every face."

19% of Australian Men Own a Dildo

In a move that might surprise some people, it would seem that dildos aren’t just for the ladies, the blokes are joining in as well. According to our survey, 19% of Australian men said they own a dildo either for themselves or to use with their partner. That's right, mates! 

Brad, a 31-year-old Brisbane native, shed some light on the male perspective: 

"I don't think guys owning dildos is taboo anymore. I bought one dildo for my girlfriend but we both love it. It's great for spicing things up in the bedroom and exploring new sensations together."

15% of Australians Admitted to Swapping Dildos with their Friends

What's better than owning a bunch of dildos? Sharing them with your friends, of course! In a quirky twist, 15% of Australians admitted to taking part in the Great Aussie Dildo Swap! While this might raise a few eyebrows, it's all in good fun and a testament to Australia's laid-back attitude towards sex and pleasure. 

Samantha and Lucy, two Perth BFFs, explain why sharing is definitely caring: 

“We have similar tastes in dildos, so why not share the love? We always clean them thoroughly and have a good laugh about it."

62% of Australian Women Own a Vibrator

When it comes to the buzzy side of things, it’s definitely g-day good vibrations with 62% of Australian women reporting that they own a vibrator. These battery-powered pleasure machines are gaining popularity among the Aussie population, proving that vibes are almost as beloved as their non-vibrating counterparts. 

As Lisa, a vibe-loving 33-year-old from Adelaide told us: 

"I love my vibrator! It's like a little secret weapon that never lets me down!"

83% of Sydney Women Own at Least One Dildo

In the search for the Dildo Capital of Australia, there is no doubt that Sydney takes the crown. That’s right, with a staggering 83% of surveyed Sydneysiders owning at least one dildo, it's clear that the city is a veritable hotspot for sex toy enthusiasts. 

As one anonymous Sydney local cheekily puts it: 

"You've got to love a city that appreciates a good dildo as much as a good coffee."

Final Thoughts

So, what are the key takeaways from our foray into Australian dildo trends? Well, it would seem that we Australians are inherently proud of every aspect of our country's diversity, from our multicultural cities to our unique wildlife. So, it's no surprise that this attitude extends to the bedroom shenanigans as well. The message from our survey is clear: whether you're a bloke or a Sheila, there's no shame in owning a dildo (or three) in the land of kangaroos, koalas and good vibrations. As they say down under, "You do you, mate!"