Collection: Ovipositor Dildos

The best thing about dildos is there are no limits to the different designs that can be created. We all have our own unique fantasies and fetishes and so there is every imaginable type of dildo available to make your wildest dreams come true. Ovipositor dildos are relatively new innovations but they are already taking the sex toy world by storm. These special dildos are designed to look like extra-terrestrial penises which can deliver a money shot of eggs during Sci-Fi and alien breeding roleplay.

Just Dildos collection of ovipositor dildos includes some of our most stunning and colourful toys. They come in all the shapes and sizes that we imagine alien appendages may resemble and are made from the highest quality materials. The ovipositor dildo eggs can be used as sex toys in their own right making these dildos incredibly versatile pleasure devices. 

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