Collection: Squirting Dildos

A quality dildo can do everything that a real penis can do and, in most cases, do it far better! There is one area, however, where dildos were not able to compete but squirting dildos have made that limitation a thing of the past!

As their name suggests, squirting dildos are specially designed sex toys which are able to deliver a money shot. They are essentially hollow dildos with an integrated pump which enables you to fill your toy with cum lubricant (or any other liquid that gets your juices flowing) and then squirt it out. 

As experts in all things dildos we are huge fans of squirting dildos and our collection includes toys in a massive range of designs, shapes, sizes and colours. All are made from the highest quality materials and are 100% safe to use, feel great and are easy to look after. We even offer free-next day shipping on all squirting dildo orders over $99 so there has never been a better time to add these unique sex toys to your collection.