About Just Dildos Australia

No sex toy chest in this whole wide world of ours is complete without a serious collection of dildos. Dating way back in time to 12,013 BC when cavepeople first used polished sabre tooth tiger tusks to pleasure themselves (see The Flinstones for more information), dildos are still the most popular, most versatile and most orgasm-generating sex gizmos on our big blue planet.

At Just Dildos Australia, we respect other sex toys but the humble dildo still holds a special place in our hearts. That’s why we have created the single biggest one-stop online shop for every type of dildo you can imagine with your naughty little mind. 

We have scoured the earth, explored the deepest oceans and headhunted all the top designers and engineers from Tesla, NASA, Apple and Tim Tams to bring you our huge range of 100%, unadulterated, honest-to-goodness, you can hang your hat on them, boner-fide premium quality dildos.

Our collection includes all the classics from rabbit dildos to vibrating dildos to much-loved ovipositor dildos which lay silicone sex toy eggs…aaahhh…remember the simpler times…long summers, hot days, blue skies, nothing in your pockets but a few coins, a piece of lint and your giant egg laying dildo. 

Our incomparable range also has stunning fantasy dildos for the LARPers, glass dildos for the voyeurs, dragon dildos for the D&D debauchees, corn dildos for the rural community and many, many more. 

All of the sex toys at Just Dildos Australia are made from the highest quality materials so they are safe to use, look great and, most importantly, feel amazing! With free shipping on all orders over $99 (that’s less than 100 bucks!) choose your favourites today and make all of your dildo day dreams come true.