Collection: Rabbit Dildos

Rabbit dildos are some of the most iconic sex toys on the market. Their unique design has revolutionised dildo design and provides multi-faceted pleasure opportunities. What makes rabbit dildos so special are their “bunny ears” which stimulate the clit while you use the shaft like a regular dildo. Rabbit dildos are also vibrating sex toys which will send waves of erotic sensations through your clit and the rest of your most sensitive parts.

Just Dildos has a wide range of rabbit dildos for you to choose from which will give you all the bunny-banging thrills. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours so you are sure to find the perfect rabbit dildo in our collection. Rabbit dildos are made from the highest quality materials and are ideal for solo play and for pleasuring your partner.

All our rabbit dildos are subject to free shipping on orders over $99 so start building your own colony of rabbits.