Collection: Corn Dildos

Corn dildos are specially designed dildos which look and feel exactly like a cob of corn. They have been hugely popular sex toys for years because the corn texture provides incredible sensations and will push all your erotic buttons. Corn dildos are extra-girthy toys which are perfect for pleasuring yourself, your partner or both of you at once! They can also be used in food fantasy play and are safer and feel far superior to using real corn.

Just Dildos loves corn dildos (and BBQ corn!) so we want to help you make all your corn fantasies come true. That’s why we offer a huge range of corn dildos in a vast array of colours, sizes and designs. We have realistic corn dildos, corn dildos with suction cups and many, many more!

All of our corn dildos are subject to free shipping on every order over $99 so choose your favourites today!