Collection: Alien Dildos

It’s a little-known fact that dildos aren’t just the most popular sex toys on our planet but across the entire Universe. Extra-terrestrials from Mars to the Milky Way love dildos as much as we do so we have reached out to our intergalactic partners to bring you some of the most unique and exciting alien dildos anywhere in the galaxy.

The great thing about alien dildos is that there are so many different lifeforms in Space that the possibilities are endless when it comes to alien dildo design. Our range of alien dildos comes in bold colours, different shapes, sizes and designs and with textured shafts and features that will rocket you to incredible orgasms.

Our alien dildos are all made from the highest-quality silicone so they feel out of this world, look amazing and are really easy to clean and look after. With free shipping on all alien dildo orders over $99, order today and we will deliver your new toys via UFO (not really.)