Collection: Vibrating Dildos

There are many reasons why the humble penis cannot compete with the mighty dildo. Penises come in limited colours, they aren’t always ready for action and they come with a person attached so you can’t fit one in your suitcase. Perhaps the biggest downside to a real penis, however, is that they just simply refuse to vibrate.

Vibrating dildos solve this issue, offering all the usual dildo pleasure but with the added bonus of sweet, sweet vibes. These amazing sex toys send erotic sensations through all your most sensitive spots, providing the kind of orgasms that regular dildos cannot come close to. Vibrating dildos can be used for both penetration and for external stimulation and are ideal for both solo and partner play.

Just Dildos has a huge range of vibrating dildos for you to choose from in different sizes, colours and designs to fit all your vibing needs!