Unconventional Pleasures: Household Items That Can Be Used as Dildos

large cucumber which is commonly used as a dildo

In a world where "DIY" is more than just a Pinterest pastime, a surprising number of everyday household items have the potential to double as makeshift dildos for those creative enough to experiment. In fact, some of the earliest recorded dildos in history were made from bread by Roman women seeking pleasure when their husbands were away at war. Today, the tradition of finding satisfaction in the most unsuspecting items continues, as pleasure pioneers break free from the constraints of traditional sex toys and turn their homes into treasure troves of erotic opportunities.

Things You Can Use as a Dildo

For those willing to think outside the (toy) box, a wide variety of everyday items can be repurposed into makeshift dildos. Some of the most popular include:


A smooth, firm texture makes cucumbers an appealing option for the veggie-curious. Cucumbers come in various sizes, are naturally phallic shaped and can even be eaten afterwards. A staple item in a healthy dildo diet.


With their smooth, cylindrical shape, hairbrush handles can offer an enticing alternative to a regular dildo. If you are looking for a smooth DIY dildo experience then choose a hairbrush handle with no sharp edges or ridges. If you are into a little BDSM, however, you can always flip the hairbrush around and use the bristles.

Electric Toothbrushes 

When used with caution, the backside of an electric toothbrush (not the bristles) can provide a gentle, buzzing sensation just like a vibrating dildo. Some even have adjustable speed and vibration settings so you can get all the benefits of a genuine vibrator but can hide it in plain sight in your bathroom. Unsure whether you'd rather a DIY dildo or something that vibrates? Check out our article on dildos vs. vibrators


If you are looking for some more substantial wood (pun very much intended!), a broomstick is an ideal choice. Sand down any rough edges, clean it thoroughly and you can ride it like a horny witch!

Rolling Pins

A more compact alternative to a broomstick, a rolling pin is a ready-made DIY dildo. Shaped like the real thing (albeit far larger!), rolling pins are perfect for all the master bakers out there!

Travel-Sized Shampoo Bottles

The rounded, smooth shape of travel-sized shampoo bottles makes them excellent dildos that can be taken on holiday without any risk of an embarrassing security check at the airport. Just empty and clean the bottle thoroughly and choose one with a secure cap to avoid any accidents.

Safety Tips for DIY Dildo Use

Before you venture into the world of DIY dildo pleasure, it’s important that you take the necessary safety measures to prevent any mishaps. At best you could end up with an embarrassing trip to the hospital and at worst you could put yourself in real danger.

Here are some simple tips for DIY dildo use that will keep you safe:

1. Use a Condom 

Regardless of the item you choose, always use a condom to prevent any potential bacteria or germs from causing harm. This will also make clean-up easier and ensure a smoother surface for a more enjoyable experience.

2. Use Plenty of Lube

Lubing your dildo up, whether it's a genuine sex toy or a homemade dildo, is always advisable. Lube will not only make penetration easier but it will also enhance your pleasure!

3. Clean Your DIY Dildo 

Before and after each use, thoroughly clean your makeshift dildo with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Proper hygiene is essential in preventing infections and maintaining your overall health.

4. Look for Smooth Surfaces 

Avoid using any items with sharp edges, ridges or rough surfaces that could cause injury. Stick to smooth objects that won't scratch or irritate your skin.

5. Start Slow and Gentle 

When experimenting with a new DIY sex toy, it's important to begin with slow, gentle motions to minimise the risk of injury. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually increase the intensity.

6. Don't Use Breakable Objects 

It might seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people use glass bottles and other brittle items and end up doing themselves serious harm. Never use breakable items such as glass bottles, ceramic ornaments or anything else as you are just asking for trouble. 

7. Don't Share Your DIY Toys 

While it might be tempting to share your newfound pleasure discovery with a partner, sharing items not specifically designed for sexual use can increase the risk of transmitting infections. If you absolutely have to share, make sure you clean before passing the dildo on and always change the condom.

Final Thoughts

The pursuit of pleasure has led to countless creative solutions throughout history and today's adventurous individuals continue to transform household items into unconventional tools of satisfaction. As you embark on this journey of DIY dildos, remember to prioritise safety and hygiene, unleash your creativity and have fun discovering the untapped potential of everyday items for your pleasure.

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