The Ultimate Guide to Ejaculating Dildos

large squirting dildo laying on its side with a black background

Ejaculating dildos are unique sex toys that mimic the experience of male ejaculation. They typically contain a small reservoir for holding fake cum lube or another liquid that can be squeezed out during sex or masturbation using an integrated pump. If you are new to the world of ejaculating dildos, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to even start.

To help explain the amazing features of these awesome sex toys, this comprehensive guide will explain how ejaculating dildos work, who can use them and how to choose the perfect one to maximise your pleasure.

How do Ejaculating Dildos Work?

Ejaculating dildos usually look like regular dildos but they have a hollow space inside to store liquid which can be squirted out during use. This liquid can be anything from water to a specialized fake cum lubricant and it is used to create the sensation of ejaculation. The liquid is typically stored in the base or the head of the dildo and is released through a small hole in the tip for a realistic experience.

To use an ejaculating dildo, simply fill the reservoir with your preferred liquid. Whenever you are ready, squeeze the integrated pump for artificial facials, body shots and creampies. The amount of liquid released and the force of the squirt varies from dildo to dildo but the most powerful ejaculating dildos can summon up a serious blast!

What are Ejaculating Dildos Used For?

Ejaculating dildos are very versatile sex toys that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Solo Play

Ejaculating dildos can be used for solo play to provide a unique and satisfying sexual experience with a realistic finale that usually requires a real-life male partner. An ejaculating dildo completely negates the need for this partner while still getting all the enjoyable squirting benefits.

Couple and Group Play 

Ejaculating dildos can also be used during couple and group play to add an extra element of excitement or to simulate male ejaculation. This can be done both for fun and also to enhance sexual play when there are issues like premature ejaculation or when one partner just enjoys bigger cumshots.


Ejaculating dildos can also be used for role-playing, allowing you to play out different scenarios and explore your sexual desires. For example, you can pretend you are having sex with more than one man by using an ejaculating dildo with your male partner. Similarly, men and women can switch roles with the woman using an ejaculating dildo in the traditional male role.

Fantasy Fulfillment 

For those who have a specific fantasy or fetish, ejaculating dildos can be a fun and exciting way to fulfill those desires. For example, there are many ejaculating fantasy dildos that let you pretend you are frolicking with a dragon, unicorn or another mystical beast. 

Who Can Use Ejaculating Dildos?

Ejaculating dildos are designed for anyone who wants to explore their sexuality and add a new dimension to their sexual play. They are suitable for people of all genders and orientations and can be used alone or with a partner. They can help you to overcome inhibitions, try out new things and provide unique and exciting sensations for everyone looking to spice up their sex life or fulfill a specific fetish.

How to Choose an Ejaculating Dildo

Choosing the right ejaculating dildo can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie. However, the most important factors to consider include:

Size and Shape

The size and shape of your ejaculating dildo will greatly impact the type of experience you have. If you're new to dildos, it's best to start with something smaller and gradually work your way up to larger sizes. Be mindful of the size of the reservoir as well, as this will affect the amount of liquid the dildo can hold and how easily it can be squeezed out.

In terms of shape, it's important to choose an ejaculating dildo that's comfortable for you and that will stimulate you in the way you desire. Some ejaculating dildos have a curved or angled shape to better target the g-spot while ejaculating fantasy dildos have ridges, bumps and knots for added stimulation.


Ejaculating dildos are typically made from silicone, TPE, or rubber. Silicone is the most popular option as it's non-porous, easy to clean, and feels the most realistic. 


Some ejaculating dildos come with additional features, such as a suction cup base for hands-free play, or a remote control for easy use. Consider which features are important to you and choose a dildo that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Ejaculating dildos can add an exciting new dimension to your sexual play and allow you to live out your wildest fantasies. Capable of delivering cum shots that often put the real things to shame, ejaculating dildos are absolute must-haves for every serious sex toy collection. With so many amazing options available at Just Dildos, you are sure to find an ejaculating dildo that gets you all warm and fuzzy (and sticky!) inside.