Do Dildos Feel Like the Real Thing?

large realistic dildo in a skin tone


The human penis is undoubtedly flawed by its very design. First and foremost, there is more often than not an actual person attached to the end of it which may or not be an unwanted distraction. Second, there is no guarantee that it is going to perform when it should. Third, even if it does, the person attached to the end of it often wields it as if it is a completely new appendage that has sprouted overnight.

Enter the dildo, or Penis 2.0 as it could also be called. Dildos are, of course, superior to real penises in many respects: there is no person attached to a dildo; a dildo is always ready and willing; you can control the motion in the ocean.

But there is one potential downside. You see, while they often get a bad rep, real penises can feel pretty darn good when skilfully flourished. In fact, there are people who refuse to accept that a dildo could ever match up to a genuine penis.

So can dildos ever feel like the real thing? And how can you choose a dildo that does? As Australia's largest dildo store, Just Dildos is just the business to answer that question. 

Let’s find out.

How to Choose a Realistic Dildo

If you want a realistic dildo experience, you need to choose a dildo that is...well...realistic! Realistic dildos come in every shape and size, just like their human counterparts, but unlike their human counterparts, you don’t have to guess what’s in the packet. Just browse the realistic dildo section and choose the size you want!

However, according to self-proclaimed dildo aficionado, Jenna James dong: 

"Size matters, but the texture is key! Of course, you want a dildo that looks like the real thing but for a truly lifelike experience, it needs to feel like the real thing too!”

That means looking for a dildo with a realistic texture, complete with raised veins, an exposed head and a set of fake balls to bounce and grind on. All of this will guarantee you have a dildo that would pass a police line-up of real-life wangs.

Choosing the Most Lifelike Material

Now that you've got your design down, you will need to choose the most lifeline material. If you really want to get the most realistic experience possible, you need a dildo made of medical-grade, skin-touch silicone. It's like having a real penis in your hand but without all the pesky emotions and drama. 

As Michael, a sex toy enthusiast who is a recent silicone dildo convert explains:

"I've definitely dabbled in different dildos over the decades, but the newest generation silicone dildos really are as close to the real thing as you can get. If you were blindfolded, I honestly think you would be hard-pushed to tell the difference. Unless it was a blind taste test, of course!”

Silicone is also easy to clean and look after and is available in a range of different lifelike skin tones to provide equal-opportunity orgasms.

Using a Dildo in the Most Realistic Way

So let's review:

  • You've chosen a realistic-looking dildo: Check!
  • It's made from high-quality silicone: Check!

So what else can you do to turn your 2-dimensional dildoing into 4D time and space, here and now, real-life bonking?

Here are some tips:

1. Diddle with Your Partner

Dildos are great for partner play because you can just focus on the sensations and pleasure without doing any of the work. This means you'll get all the benefits of a realistic penis experience without any of the strings attached.

2. Bang On a Strap-On Dildo

If you want to lose yourself in some true-to-life naughtiness, try using a realistic strap-on dildo. You can pound away (or get pounded!) with all the vim and vigour of the real thing without all the messiness and unpredictability of an actual penis.

3. Get Sticky with a Suction Cup Dildo 

If you want to use your dildo hands-free, choose a dildo with a suction cup. You can stick it to any smooth surface and ride it like a pro, just like you would with a real penis.

4. Get Wet and Wild with a Squirting Dildo

For those who are missing the penis’ final trick, squirting dildos, also known as ejaculating dildos, can deliver lifelike facials, creampies and full-on bukkakes!

5. Thrust Away with a Thrusting Dildo 

Thrusting dildos simulate the thrusting motion of a real penis so all you need to do is hop on and get off!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks. The ultimate answer to the age-old question of whether dildos feel like the real thing is a resounding yes. Just make sure you choose a realistic design, the most lifelike material and use it in the most realistic way possible. And who knows, maybe you'll forget you're even using a dildo in the first place!