Customisable Dildos: The Future of Sex Toys

custom multi colour silicone dildo rest on its side


When it comes to sex toys, it is fair to say that we are spoilt rotten with every imaginable pleasure device imaginable available. While our cave-dwelling ancestors had to make do with phallus-shaped rocks and ancient Greek soldiers fashioned penises out of bread for their lonely wives, you can’t walk down the street these days without being poked in the eye by a giant dildo or tripping over a butt plug stuck to the floor.

But what if these standard sex toys aren’t enough for you? What if you want something totally unique that suits all your needs, fulfils all your desires and pushes all your buttons? Welcome to the world of customisable dildos.

What are Customisable Dildos?

Customisable dildos are exactly what they sound like – dildos that you can customise to your own specifications. They have become increasingly popular and more widely available in recent times with more and more major sex toy companies now offering fully or at least partially customisable dildos to their customers. 

This is great news for both dildo newbies and serious sex toy aficionados alike because it opens up a world of pleasure possibilities. 

Are Customisable Dildos Really Better than Standard Sex Toys?

While modern dildo technology really is top-notch, customisable dildos offer users numerous potential benefits including: 

  • The potential for completely unique sex toys 
  • The ability to tailor the dildo to your exact desires 
  • The freedom to experiment with different designs, colours, textures, materials and sizes 
  • The ability to add special features 

Perhaps most exciting is the prospect of being able to create an exact replica of a real-life appendage. Fleshlights have already popularised this for the female anatomy with pornstar fleshlights widely available for devoted fans.

Which Features Can You Customise?

This really depends on the level of customisation offered by the manufacturer but if you are able to start from scratch, features include:


This includes the shape and structure of the dildo from a perfect copy of your own penis to a wild and wacky fantasy dildo based on your favourite mythical beast. 


You may also be able to choose any colour you desire, from nuanced skin tones to unique patterns and designs. Many fantasy dildos are already incredibly vivid and beautiful sex toys but customisation could really take dildo colours to another level.


Material is a very important consideration when it comes to dildos and being able to decide exactly what material to use, its softness, texture and flexibility could all help you design a dildo that doesn’t just look good but feels amazing too.


Size is the ultimate customisable feature when it comes to dildos because we are all built differently. Being able to design the exact dildo dimensions from the girth to the length to the size of any knots and ridges means you can create a sex toy that will push every one of your naughty buttons.

Special features 

You may also be able to add special features to your customised dildo such as vibrating motors, squirting capabilities, suction cups and inflatable shafts. All of these can help you produce a one-of-a-kind dildo that is an absolute cornucopia of climax capability.

What are the Potential Downsides to Customisable Dildos?

Of course, all of this comes at a price, literally, and the first potential downside to a customisable dildo is of course…


The reality is that creating any one-off dildo is likely going to be expensive particularly if you are starting from absolute scratch. Even the highest quality dildos on the market are mass-produced to some degree so having one bespoke made to your exact specifications is likely going to cost you substantially more than a standard sex toy.

Limited Customisable Options

Closely linked to cost, the range of customisations available may be limited depending on where you buy your dildo. This means that you may have creative control over size, colour and even some elements of design but won’t be able to create the perfect dildo of your dreams.

Quality Issues

It is also possible that the dildo you design does not actually perform like you want it to or match the description in terms of quality and performance. This may be due to poor manufacturing standards or even simply down to you being over-ambitious and designing a dildo that isn’t practical. This is why it’s so important you find a reputable customisable dildo manufacturer and discuss every aspect of the design with them. If this all seems like too much work, you can otherwise check out Australia's largest dildo store for the best range of unique, high quality dildos at affordable prices. 

Overall, customisable dildos are a great way to get a sex toy that is beautiful, unique and satisfies your every desire. Whether customisable dildos will truly become the future of sex toys is likely to depend on exactly what level of creativity customers are afforded and how much more expensive they are than standard toys. What is certain is that it is an exciting time to be alive with sex toy innovation already far beyond what anybody could have imagined just a few years ago.